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Let's have another go at this.
is there a “delete everything I posted prior to this” feature?

Because The Internet.

"I had a ménage, and murdered the vag’
But, afterwards, it was awkward as fuck
Cause I’m nervous as fuck and could not get it up”
These days are earned

     The gentle skies overhead, calm, and breathing clearly complement the crackle underneath thicker shoes. When the fear of sweating through a long sleeved shirt is replaced by fear that digits will go blank and breaths seen. The badge of these few days, sent down from much more trying places, is earned months in advance. The acres and acres of forest aren’t the result of blue days, in which the sun is maxed out on shadows and gold. Days where you bring an umbrella, because if you don’t you’re stuck in the math building for 3 more hours. Days where you just say ‘fuck it’ because the rain will cease as quickly as it began. Days where I’m not concerned with the west nile virus or exhaustion, those are the what must be slogged through. As any northerner will lament to anyone who enters their environ ‘get ready for winter you unprepared ruffian’ , we down here in the swamps and bogs can recite such lines about our summer with matched ease and sharper results. From the 27th state upwards.

Oh yeah, this is still around.

Be the best person you can be, and the rest will work itselfout


Lose yourself to dance